Christina Holt

Christina Holt

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Christina works to give people tools to change the world -- and to measure progress along the way. 

Christina specializes in capacity building for community change and improvement and supporting evaluation of community-based efforts. At the Work Group, Christina directs the Community Tool Box, a free global resource which offers 7,000 pages of practical guidance for creating change and improvement, and leads development of the Community Check Box Evaluation System. Christina has served as a speaker and technical consultant for groups including the World Health Organization, World Bank, United Nations, and the Institute of Medicine.

Christina's experience includes facilitating community processes, including community health assessment and community health improvement, providing technical assistance and training on core competencies for community health and development, and supporting data collection and analysis for community research and evaluation. Christina's passion is helping people make a difference on socially important issues.

Christina received her master's degree in Human Development (Child and Developmental Psychology) from the University of Kansas.

Associate Director, Community Tool Box Services,
Director of Training and Technical Assistance,

M.A. Human Development, University of Kansas

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Recent Publications

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